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Experience Boating

Just like our customers, we at Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales are boating and fishing enthusiasts who have a genuine appreciation for the boating lifestyle. For some of us, we grew up on the water and were introduced to boating at a very early age. Others of us discovered boating and the amazing lifestyle it offers later in life. No matter when we began enjoying the lifestyle, every member of our team has an abundant and true love for boating, the water and the recreation they bring. This has resulted in priceless memories for all of us!

So, if you are new to boating, a lifelong boater or want to be re-introduced to boating . . . Experience Boating with JBYS and Let us take you to the water! Below are some wonderful times JBYS team members have experienced with family, friends, co-workers, partners and customers. These are our real-life experiences which we will share with you each Monday of 2016 on our social media sites. We should have quite a collection by year end! What a great way to kick of the week, eh?

Join us in sharing the experience of boating and send us your personal snapshots or videos, we’ll take care of the rest. Let’s show the world that this is an experience worth living for!

Whether you’re seeking the ultimate rush or a bit of peace and tranquility, the boating lifestyle can take you there.

– Ron Montoya, JBYS Sales and Brokerage Professional

Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales

Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales