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Boating Safety Tips

Boating Safety Tips


Boating is booming this summer and it's no surprise. Spending time on the water is a great way to get away without going far away. While boating offers a welcome escape, you still need to recreate responsibly and make safety a priority. Busy waterways and lots of new boaters mean it’s especially important to know and follow safe boating practices. So, before you head out with your crew, prep for a great day on the water by taking a few minutes to read through these boating safety tips.

Be Weather-Wise

Check local weather conditions before departure - Play it safe and get off the water if you notice darkening clouds, rough, changing winds or sudden temperature drops

Follow a Pre-departure Checklist

Ensure you'll be ready for any on-water emergency - Boating safety rules and proper equipment

Use Common Sense

Operate at a safe speed, especially on crowded waters - Be alert - Steer clear of large vessels - Pay attention to buoys and other navigational aids

Designate an Assistant Skipper

Ensure another person on board can take the helm and return to shore should you become incapacitated

Develop a Float Plan

Always let someone on shore know your boating plans - including: name, address, and phone number of trip leader and passengers - boat type and registration, trip itinerary, type of communication and signal equipment on board

Learn to Swim

Check with local pools, or organizations such as the YMCA and American Red Cross for lessons

Wear Life Jackets

Fit and assign a life jacket to each passenger prior to launch 

Take a Boating Course

Boating education requirements vary by state; regardless of your state's regulations, it's smart to be educated

Schedule a Free Vessel Safety Check

The U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Power Squadrons offer free vessel safety equipment check at your boat and make safety recommendations. Find an examiner.

Safety Resources Official boating safety courses and online tests for your boat license

US Power Squadrons and Coast Guard Auxiliaries: Free vessel safety checks, boater education and safe boating tips


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