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This too shall pass

This too shall pass


Like you, we have family, friends and colleagues at high risk of being compromised by this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic. It is a challenge to balance the many personal and professional adjustments at hand.

Maintaining the personal health and well-being of the JBYS crew is our number one priority. This allows us to:

- be physically and emotionally strong for each other and for our families
- contribute productively within our community and help those in need
- maximize performance and productivity around roadblocks as we continue to serve our valued customers and support the marine industry

JBYS is committed to being proactive in our health, safety and prevention practices consistent with the CDC guidance. We have implemented precautionary measures within the workplace, which includes extra sanitary attention and cleaning when working on our customer's boats. Certainly in this era of technology, there are numerous methods to buy, sell or showcase product without a face-to-face interaction.

Times of crisis can make us stronger, smarter and better at what we do, individually and as a community. The team at Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales is here to grow and adapt with you. It is not an easy time, but this too shall pass. We remain at your service...


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