Boating Induces Wellness

Research shows that people experience emotional benefits when boating.

Boating can promote a person’s wellness in many ways and increase over all health. Marine biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols is the author of Blue Mind. His book explains the scientific connection between the water and happiness. In a recent study with Discover Boating, Dr. Wallace discusses how boating promotes wellness. Even the sight and sound of water can induce relaxation.

Being on the water eliminates stress by reducing the sensory things that create stress. For example, Car horns and screeching tires remind a person of the commute to work and the stressful day that follows. These traffic sounds don’t exist on the water.

Boating replaces the hustle and bustle of every day life with a calming environment. Without stress, the mind has room for creativity and relaxation. These things trigger the body’s feel-good chemicals and create wellness. Boating is full of emotional and psychological benefits for people of all ages.

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