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The JBYS reputation is built on customer trust.

Ron Silvia, JBYS vice president of sales, says, "Returning business is, without question, our biggest compliment. While no company is perfect, our testimonials speak volumes about who we are. Our customers go out of their way to recognize and thank everyone from sales to service to members of our business office. This is pretty special."

98% Customer Satisfaction Rating

"Amazing experience. Travis was friendly, super responsive and very knowledgeable. Everyone was so helpful and a please to work with."

Jennifer | Sea Ray 260 DA

"Great boat, service and people."

Thomas | Valhalla 33

"Travis was the listing agent for the boat my family purchased. He was very accommodating with showing us the boat and working with our agent that was helping us find our next boat. I would highly recommend Travis. "

Chris | Sea Ray 450 Sundancer

"Travis did a great job!"

David | Sea Ray 320 Sundancer

"Working with David was more than a pleasure! He is great in every possible way, from communication, to timeliness, detail oriented, etc. I think I couldn’t have bought nor sold my boat any other way! I wish I had more boats to keep working with David!"

Adriano | Monterey 295 SY

"The boat listing that Travis created was not only spot on, but I received and excepted an offer the first day. The customer service, support and expertise from Travis & Jody was outstanding. The superb communication and prompt answers to any questions or concerns I had during the whole process was great as well! Thank you also to the rest of the staff at JBYS!"

Bill | Formula 40 PC

"San and Ron have been great!"

Mark | Sunseeker 60 Predator EVO

"David DeLeeuw was very "knowledgeable & professional" so was his team!"

David | Monterey 360 SC

"David is the best, he's the Yachty McHottie of the industry (lol). Thanks for all you have done for us!"

Joseph | Regal 3760 Commodore

"Josh & Elizabeth were great to work with."

Douglas | Willaims 280 MiniJet

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