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Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales represents an impressive lineup of exceptional boat brands, offering a diverse range to meet every boating enthusiast’s needs. In addition to their premier boat offerings, JBYS also represents several brands of water accessories, ensuring a complete and enjoyable boating experience. With over fifty years of industry expertise, JBYS is committed to delivering unparalleled service and support, making them a trusted partner for all your boating adventures.

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Princess Yachts

Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales joined Princess Yachts as a dealer in 1995 placing them among the oldest dealers worldwide.

Princess Yachts, was established in 1965. The company is based in Plymouth, England, and is renowned for innovation, quality, and elegance. The brand has made a significant impact in North America through a collaboration with the Viking Yacht Company starting in the 1990s, initially marketed as Viking Sport Cruisers in the U.S.

Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales became a Viking dealer in 1976, establishing themselves as the oldest Viking dealer worldwide.

The Viking Yacht Company, founded by brothers Bob and Bill Healey, began in 1964 when they acquired Peterson-Viking Builders. Headquartered in New Gretna, NJ, Viking specializes in crafting premier luxury performance sportfishing and cruising yachts. With a legacy spanning over five decades, Viking Yachts remains a family-owned enterprise and has grown into a prominent leader in semi-custom fiberglass yacht manufacturing on a global scale.

Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales joined Sunseeker as a dealer in 1994. Today, JBYS is the oldest Sunseeker dealer world wide.

In 1969, Sunseeker’s Founder, Robert Braithwaite, envisioned a revolutionary boat. By the early 1970s, the first craft was launched, and Robert’s brother joined the venture. Based in Poole, England, Sunseeker has since dedicated itself to refining and innovating their yachts. Over the decades, they have steadfastly pursued cutting-edge, ambitious, and imaginative methods in boat construction.

Absolute Yachts

Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales teamed up with Absolute Yachts as a dealer in 2016, achieving Top North American Dealer within just one year.

Founded in 2002, Absolute has established itself as a distinguished Italian boat building company renowned globally for its commitment to quality and creative independence. As a family-owned business, Absolute Yachts has rapidly expanded its presence across North America, emerging as one of the fastest-growing brands in the region. While offering a comprehensive model range. Notable attention is drawn to its unique Navetta line, distinguished by its displacement hull design that provides expansive space and abundant natural light.

Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales became a dealer for Valhalla in 2019 when the brand was launched, and has since racked up over 40 units sold in 5 years.

From the legendary builder of the finest convertible sportfishing yachts, comes a new breed of center consoles that sets evolutionary standards in performance, engineering, quality, and fishing capabilities. Introduced in 2019 by the Viking Yacht Company, Valhalla Boatworks is dedicated to crafting high-performance center consoles, embodying the same renowned Viking quality, craftsmanship, and expertise that have defined the marine industry for over 55 years.

Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales linked up with SACS Rebel in 2024 becoming the First and only dealer in North America.

Since 1989, SACS Marine has been a distinguished luxury yacht manufacturer from Milan, Italy. They have partnered exclusively with Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales to introduce the SACS Rebel line in the US. The Rebel line was crafted in 2017. This unique line blends RIB comfort with yacht opulence, marking its debut in America with 4 distinct models each offering a fusion of innovative design and advanced technology for an exceptional yachting experience.

Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales became an HCB dealer in 2018, and in 2021, delivered the first Great Lakes HCB 65 Estrella; the worlds largest center console yacht.

HCB Center Console Yachts are crafted in Tennessee, and the brand is independently owned. Born from the legacy of Hydrasports, HCB stands as a premier leader in constructing large center console boats. These vessels offer unparalleled handling and can be extensively tailored for both fishing and cruising. HCB’s production focuses on delivering abundant amenities to cater to your every need and desire.

Sailfish Logo

Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales became a dealer for Sailfish Boats in 2020, and has since racked up over 40 units sold in 4 years.

Sailfish Boats allows boaters to experience the thrill of offshore fishing, afternoon watersports, and even sunset dinner cruises. The brand boasts a premium boat experience without the high price tag. Explore for yourself and discover the exceptional dry and smooth ride of Sailfish unique hulls. Sailfish boats offer top ranking center and dual consoles that will impress even the most experience boater.

Williams Tender logo

Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales paired up with Williams Jet Tenders in 2014 and sold over 50 units between 2020 and 2021 alone.

Williams was founded in 1977 by two brothers who still own and operate the company today. Renowned for their jet tenders, which are manufactured in the UK, Williams offers a wide range of models powered by both gas and diesel engines. Over the years, Williams has earned a reputation for producing the finest jet tenders on the market, known for their unmatched quality, performance, and speed.


Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales proudly deals in SEABOB water scooters for a complete boating experience with 3 models and 6 dynamic color options.

SEABOB is rapidly becoming one of the most popular electric water toys, with many of our new boat brands even featuring dedicated storage spaces for this exciting accessory. Whether you prefer a relaxed or intensive experience, a SEABOB offers an effortless journey, gliding atop or diving below the water. Move through the water like a fish and enjoy hours of environmentally friendly fun with friends and family with this unique water accessory.

Lift eFoils are Jefferson Beach Yacht Sale’s latest water accessory offering, making the partnership official in 2023.

Lift has dedicated over a decade to developing and perfecting the ultimate foiling experience. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned thrill-seeker, whether you prefer serene lakes or riding big surf, the Lift eFoil lets you create the perfect adventure with its all-electric, silent motor that glides effortlessly through any body of water.

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect boat. Whether you’re an experienced boater or new to the boating world, we’re here to provide personalized guidance and support every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today and embark on your next great adventure. Your ideal boat is waiting – let’s make it yours together!

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