Mercury Marine Gives Confidence

To some, boating is a performance-driven feast for the senses: the push of the throttle, the blast of the ocean air, the roar of the outboard engine(s) as the boat reaches plane. For others, it’s the overall stillness of the experience – the quiet connection with the boat and with those inside it – that creates truly lasting memories. No matter the setting or sensory experience, an unintrusive, confident outboard is a running constant.

Besides the thrill of getting to your destination and back safely, it is nice to know you’ve got the best performing rig behind you. Enter Mercury Marine FourStroke and Verado outboard engines.

Mercury Engine Power Meets its Match

Each Mercury engine is power matched with a Sailfish VDH Hull to provide the ultimate ride experience. Mercury’s FourStroke engines, available on select Sailfish models in a range of 150 HP to 300 HP, are flexibly designed with both digital and mechanical throttle and shift options. Mercury’s Verado engines, also available on some larger Sailfish models, go a step further in noise reduction with Advanced MidSection (AMS) technologies that decrease size, noise and vibration. “The Verado family is about more than just speed. It is about a refined experience that comes back to, in a lot of ways, being the smoothest engine on the market,” says Jeff Becker, Senior Category Manager, 150 HP+ Outboards, for Mercury Marine.

Equally important to the reduction of noise, vibration, and harshness, is the experience at the helm. “Mercury cares about things like how the shift handle feels when you’re holding onto it or when you’re running at cruise, where you put your hands and making sure that the handle is ergonomically comfortable for you to hold onto or touch or feel…these are overall benefits that Mercury has over our competition,” adds Jeff.

Mercury has other class-leading technologies, such as Joystick Piloting for precise docking and Adaptive Speed Control for steady RPMs in rough seas. “Sailfish’s customers want to get out in the water. They want to experience nature around them. They don’t want to feel a whole lot of vibration and they don’t want to hear the engine screaming at them. When that happens, it’s pretty tough to focus on anything else.”

Mercury spends a lot of time making its engines the quietest on the water. Simply making the best day possible is what we all look forward to when throwing off the lines. Whether you use your Sailfish to relax and cruise with family or to push offshore for prized bounty, Mercury engines are suited to the task.

For more information on any product or technology in the Mercury Marine outboard engine offering, visit Mercury Marine online.

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