Sunseeker 40 Portofino

I just wanted to send you a note to compliment both Sam Mesi and Jody Clemons.

It turns out the previous owner of the Sunseeker Portofino 40 left the waste tank full (ewww, gross), but Sam made it a priority to accompany me to the pump-out dock and empty it himself.

The full tank really wasn’t a huge deal to me (after all, emptying waste tanks is one of the many not-so-glamorous jobs of boating), but the fact that he insisted upon helping me showed genuine care for the business he cultivated and, ultimately, earned.

Next up is Jody. She’s organized, savvy, a great communicator, and all-around joyful. It was great having her as a resource throughout the transactions. (I would imagine she’s the life of the holiday party, too.)

In an interesting way, going through a sale and purchase may have inspired a career change in me…who knew selling boats could be fun, even in snowy January!

Anyway, as I look forward to summer, I didn’t want to forget to acknowledge these two and the stellar way in which they represent JBYS!

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