Volvo Penta’s Corrosion Protection

Volvo Penta Coastal Series Corrosion Protection Package

Named One of the Top Boating Products of the Year by Boating Industry Magazine

Boating Industry magazine recognized Volvo Penta’s Coastal Series – corrosion protection package as a top product of 2022. The protection package was featured along side other top boating products in the boating trade magazine’s May issue. The editorial team selected from hundreds of nominees. The selection was based off of the following criteria: the product’s impact on the industry, its innovation, and its advancement in the respective category.

“Today’s products and services need to be all about keeping people on the water longer, without worrying about the next potential thing to go wrong,” said Adam Quandt, editor-in-chief of Boating Industry. “Volvo Penta’s new Coastal Series corrosion protection package does exactly that for those boating in salt or brackish waters. It gives boaters peace of mind and allows for a better experience on the water all around. That is the exact direction in which our industry needs to focus.”

The Coastal Series corrosion protection package has seven-year coverage for V6 and V8 gasoline sterndrives and Forward Drives. The added protection is transferable if the vessel is being sold. The package incorporates advanced anti-corrosion technologies. It also countermeasures to maximize protection of the engine and drive components in saltwater. Volvo Penta’s V6 and V8 engines use the latest automotive technology as well as all-aluminum blocks and closed-loop freshwater cooling. The integrated Coastal Series package includes advanced titanium-ceramic coatings and aluminum exhausts. It also uses sensors with audible and visual warnings of potential saltwater intrusion in the bellow or drive gear lubricant. 

The transom flush feature is accessible at the transom and in the engine room. This facilitates easy engine and drive flushing after each use to ensure no residual saltwater stays within the system. Simplified service points on the front of the engine make maintenance easier than ever. The Easy Drain Solution allows raw water to drain from the engine while the boat is in or out of the water. This is all done with the single push of a button. 

“The Coastal Series countermeasures work together to provide builders, dealers and owners in the North American market an extra boost of confidence in retaining the value of their boats in saltwater environments,” said Jens Bering, vice president of marine sales at Volvo Penta. “This offers boaters a propulsion option with a clean transom to enjoy swimming, diving, fishing, lounging and more.”

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