Sailfish is Smooth and Steady

Sailfish Boats

The technology behind the Variable Degree Stepped Hull System sets Sailfish apart from the rest

The technology behind its smooth ride is one thing that sets Sailfish apart. No matter the water conditions, Sailfish’s unique Variable Degree Stepped (VDS) hull system delivers the smoothest experience and ride stability in its class. This VDS hull technology contains three ’stepped’ surface areas. Together, these surfaces give the power of three hulls in one boat. Each designed to aid with lift and stability. The deepest of the three ‘steps’ has a steep 24-degree angle. This is the entry-point angle. It peels open the water, providing for a unique, effortless ride experience for those on deck. The second surface, positioned at a shallower angle of 23 degrees, enables air flow under the hull. This aeration reduces friction and creates a higher rate of fuel economy.

“Picture a seagull’s wing,” says Denny Warren, sales and transportation manager at Sailfish. “It has an outline that curves inward at small points under its arc. Its surface is constantly changing. We mimic this in our hull design to create points of aeration and reduce drag.” If the seagull analogy doesn’t capture the meaning, then cost-saving receipts at the fuel pump will.

The outermost stepped surface, positioned at a flatter 22 degrees, increases stability at rest. This means riders will feel less rocking in big rollers. This can also reduce “sea leg” after battling prize game. “Every boat manufacturer believes in its own hulls, just as we believe in ours. The difference is our competition has mostly straight-degree deadrise bottoms, and those do not offer the same ride or stability,” Denny explains. Sailfish VDS hull performance shows well when the water is big. “Our boats can ride back home in rough water faster and more comfortably than any competitor, because the multi-surface hulls can better handle a beating,” Denny adds.

The VDS Hull System is a foundation which allows for other remarkable benefits too. Sailfish has the tallest gunwales and deepest cockpits in its class, thanks to the steep, 3-step base. Sailfish models also have taller stand-up head compartments because of the extra depth. These enhancements from the hull make enjoyable and more versatile experiences for everyone on the water. See for yourself the distinguishing smooth, comfortable ride characteristics in a Sailfish boat. The proof is on the water, and we encourage you to have your own experience.

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