Our patented Duffy Power Rudder is yet another example of what sets Duffy apart from any other electric boat company out there. The Duffy Power Rudder was meticulously designed and built over a period of nearly 10 years using the knowledge we had accumulated from 30 years of prior experience building electric boats. The result is something that we are very proud of.

What’s the biggest advantage of the Power Rudder? Maneuverability. You’re now directing the thrust as you turn the wheel, giving you the ability to put the boat wherever you want it. In a tight spot? No problem. All of our boats can turn within their own radius (check out the video below).

The Power Rudder has been standard on all new Duffy Boats since 2008 and has changed the entire Duffy “experience” for the better. No more straight shafts indirectly connected to the motor through belts and pulleys. No more turnbuckles requiring adjustment if your motor becomes slightly misaligned causing noises and vibrations. This has given us the ability to redesign all of our models and completely get rid of the bulky center helm, resulting in an amazing amount of interior space opening up thanks to the steering and helm being shifted over to the starboard side.

Here are a few more advantages gained from the Duffy Power Rudder:

– 100% Steering Authority in Reverse

– 35% More Efficient Thrust

– Superior Maneuverability (boat turns within its own length)

– Also includes our Patented 4-Blade Weedless Propeller

– Whisper Quiet Operation

– Compact Design Creates Luxurious Interior Space (under aft seat, completely out of the way)

– Trusted Duffy Reliability: Over 10 years of development and 10 years now in operation as a standard feature on our boats.

– No Belts!  No turnbuckles to adjust.  Ever.

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