Importance of Hull Design

Boating Magazine highlights the importance of hull design in regards to Sailfish Boat’s “Variable Degree Stepped” hull design

“The Sailfish 276 DC features the variable-deadrise concept, which provides a good balance between speed and stability.”

In the world of boats, the major thing to consider is the importance of hull design and shape. Boats have deep-V hulls, flat-bottomed hulls, and everything between. One main goal of boatbuilders is to design a versatile hull fit for all boating reasons. The new Sailfish 276 DC is a dual-console boat designed to meet the needs of fishing families. This boat features the variable-deadrise concept in its hull design. Sailfish calls this design by the name, variable-degree stepped hull (VDS). The VDS hull design provides a good balance between speed and stability. Additionally, Sailfish includes in its design several hull features including pads, steps, strakes, and chines. These offer all kinds of benefits in performance and efficiency. Sailfish’s VDS hull differs from that of other stepped hulls for several reasons. Hull design needs are unique to that of the individual and are worth exploring for any boater.

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