Winter Boat Maintenance PUNCH List

Have you submitted your winter boat maintenance PUNCH list?

A punch list is a general list of boat maintenance items that need annual service. The best time to address this kind of work is during the winter months. It is however, important to get requests to your dealer or service provider early on. Furthermore, there may be other equipment onboard that needs service. You may even have large projects or retrofits to address. Winter goes by in a blur, and service providers book up fast. Getting your punch list in early assures work gets completed before launch, and helps you get the best pricing too.

PUNCH List Recommendations

Suggested Winter Boat Maintenance to Perform:

  1. Main engine service
    • Check engine maintenance intervals. Some items measure using number of hours, while others need annual check up.
    • Pull oil samples to establish baseline. Also document engine oil history (useful for resale)
  2. Drive/transmission service
  3. I/O and outboard inspection for trim operation, damage, leaking fluids
  4. Generator service
  5. Bow and stern thruster inspection
  6. Electronics service or updates (i.e. AIS)
  7. Teak cleaning and sealing
  8. Canvas and upholstery repairs
  9. Carpet replacement
  10. Complete buff and wax, full boat detail. This includes recalking where needed
  11. Clean all strainers
  12. Cleanse all air conditioning filters
  13. Sanitize all sump boxes
  14. Vacuum all standing water in bilges
  15. Fiberglass/gelcoat repairs
  16. Inspect/re-paint bottom coating
  17. Check/replace anodes
  18. Battery service/load test/disconnect
  19. Annual fire extinguisher inspection
  20. Inspect lights throughout the boat. This includes running lights
  21. Running gear inspection and repairs
    • Propellers
    • Rudder shaft seals
    • Strut bearings
  22. Tender service
  23. Inspect all other auxiliary machinery for required maintenance intervals
    • Seakeeper, fin stabilizers, steering gear, platform hydraulics, sunroofs, passerelle, garage/tender sleds, etc.

A healthy boat is a happy boat!

Start scheduling your winter boat maintenance now. Contact JBYS or your personal service provider.

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