Workforce Development & Opportunities in the Marine Industry

Cultivating the next generation of marine technicians

Abundant Opportunity

The Michigan Boating Industry Association (MBIA) has been working to spread industry career awareness, and offer support to marine industry jobs. A recent outlook survey from the national association of manufacturers noted that “attracting and retaining a quality workforce” was one of its top challenges. To ensure that young people build the skill sets they need to succeed, education and training programs are vital. While some programs do exist, boating organizations and businesses need to work together to make them more robust.

Reliable Work

There is an abundance of opportunity in the industry with 39,000 new technicians coming out of college, roughly 79,000 jobs await them. Michigan is the third largest marine market in the country and there are many unfilled year-round, well-paying jobs in the industry.

Join Our Team

At JBYS, we advocate for you and your continued education. We are always looking to expand our talented crew. The area we have most room for expansion is on our service technician team.

“We have tons of jobs available that pay well, with diverse work environments, at good companies of all sizes…

…it’s very stable work. Layoffs aren’t even a thing in many marine businesses these days because there is plenty of work all year long. We have not laid off any service team members for over 15 years. We’re looking for lifers who want to grow and develop into top marine industry technical experts.”

– Amy Malow

Check out our featured article on page 36-29 in the latest issue of Lakeland Boating,

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