New “Coolest Black Family” Series

"Coolest Black Family" Series

Ebony and Discover Boating launch new “Coolest Black Family” series celebrating families who enjoy life on the water.

EBONY and Discover Boating are bringing the stories of four black families to life. The “Coolest Black Family” series celebrates African American families enjoying life on the water. Each family shares their unique perspectives on travel and the boating lifestyle.

Two of the families selected for the series are Jefferson Beach Yacht Sale’s own clients. Ron Silvia and Kevin McNally had the pleasure of working with these families. Seeing them featured in this series is both rewarding and exciting. Ron Silvia states, “I just love seeing more people get into boating.”

The marine industry is meant for all who want to experience the joys of life on the water. This common passion unites all members of the boating community.

JBYS wants to welcome you to the water!

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