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Absolute Yachts has maintained a dedication to sustainability through its efforts in regards to solar panel technology

Absolute has dedicated attention to sustainability for decades, long before it became such a topical theme. For this company, building the finest yachts on which to enjoy the marine environment has always gone hand-in-hand with the need to protect this natural resource from the impact of human activities, which of course include navigation on luxury yachts.

Solar Panel Technology

Solar panels are therefore an important part of the approach to marine architecture and engineering. In many marinas all over the world, the presence of at least one person on board is mandatory for a mains electrical connection. Solar panels on the other hand make it possible to keep the yacht’s batteries fully charged when the yacht is moored in the marina with no-one on board and no mains connection. They are also very useful when cruising, enhancing comfort for the owner, guests and crew, when the boat is at anchor in a secluded bay. The solar panels provide enough power to continue running essential services, so that the diesel generator can be switched off, reducing emissions and offering total silence and absence of vibrations.

Use of Natural Ventilation

While Absolute would never wish to claim primacy in the adoption of solar panel technology, there is no doubt that it was one of the first shipyards to combine solar panels with very large openable windows permitting significant natural ventilation. While the energy produced by photovoltaic panels is sufficient for refrigerators and on-board infotainment systems, switching off the generator means going without air-conditioning, and the air flow made possible by appropriately-designed windows helps maintain a comfortable climate on board.

Designed for the Marine Industry

The solar panels built into the flybridge roof on many of the Absolute models are products specifically designed for the marine sector by the Solbian company co-founded by champion yachtsman Giovanni Soldini. Their specifications comprise reduced weight, high flexibility, efficiency, shock resistance and the ability to withstand the effects of salt water, in addition to the same approach of sustainability championed by Absolute. In fact, Solbian’s solar panels are designed not only to generate clean energy, but also to reduce any negative effects on the environment during all phases of product life, from the sourcing of raw materials, to manufacture and right through to final disposal or recycling.

Absolute Standards

Absolute’s use of solar panels reflects the corporate ethos, hallmarked by an infinite love and respect for the ocean environment, and the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, not for marketing purposes but because this has always been a distinctive feature to the approach to shipbuilding. The company’s energy-saving technology used on its yachts reduces fuel consumption and emissions and increases the comfort of guests and crew. Absolute is happy to be able to say that customers increasingly share eco-sensitivity. Today, more than ever before, safeguarding the environment is a challenge that cannot be lost.

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