The Smallest Princess Yacht

What is the smallest Princess Yacht in its size range?

Princess Yachts is a prestigious boat builder established in the mid 1960s. Princess is located in Plymouth England where it manufactures some of the world’s most technically advanced yachts. The brand is renown for its culture of innovation, quality, and beauty. The boat builder currently has an impressive six class range consisting of its world famous X, Y, F, S, V, and R Class. Each Class ranges greatly in size and even in color.

The Smallest Princess Yacht | R35

The smallest Princess Yacht can be found in the R Class range. The Princess R35 takes the title with a length of 35 feet and an LOA of 35 feet and 9 inches. The R35 replaces size for speed with 50 knot capability, making her the fastest ever Princess to date. The yacht creates an unrivalled experience of speed and comfort for up to 8 people. Her unique design includes a swim platform, sun pad, cockpit area, and fully equipped below deck cabin.

Princess R35 The smallest princess yacht

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