Valhalla Announces Luxury Cruising Yacht: Meet the V-55 Sport

Ultimate cruiser with premium accommodations and Viking quality

Valhalla Boatworks has just unveiled the V-55 Sport – an evolution within the V Series that emphasizes comfort, style and accommodations in a high-performance luxury cruising yacht.

Beloved V-55 hull reinvented for cruising enthusiasts

A low-profile bow rail enhances safety and adds style. An asymmetrical side-deck design allows for increased interior volume. A raised starboard side deck (accessed via three steps) frees up space in the cabin while still providing access forward to tend to dock lines.

“The V-55 Sport represents our ability to diversify within a model to meet the needs of more owners… It takes the proven performance of our 55 hull and merges it with an exciting, contemporary design that the cruising crowd will love.”

– Viking President and CEO Pat Healey

Building a better boat everyday

The Valhalla center-console line has been immensely popular and the new model opens the brand up to cruising enthusiasts. The evolution doesn’t stop here. This is model is just one of three to come – stay tuned for the 41 and 46 Sport to come!

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