Seakeeper Serious About Small Boats

Multiple efforts confirm commitment to making stabilization a reality for all boaters

With the goal to stabilize every boat on the water, Seakeeper, the leader in marine stabilization, is taking large strides to make that goal a reality. There is no one-size-fits-all guide to stabilization, but one thing is certain – the smaller the boat, the more affected it is by wave and weather conditions. Seakeeper recognizes the smaller boat sector is unique and its stabilization needs are as well. Therefore, it’s committed to adding new products, improving current products, and creating tools specifically for small boat sizing. Here’s what’s new:


Thanks to new software developments allowing for enhanced performance, the size range for the Seakeeper 2 has been expanded to include boats up to 35 feet (10.5 meters) and the retail price has been adjusted to $19,900 (reduced from $22,700). This represents a 10% increase in the Seakeeper 2 target boat size and a 12% decrease in the model’s retail price. Now all boat owners can enjoy the comfort of Seakeeper stabilization.


Using real sea trial results, Seakeeper created the new Small Boat Sizing Guide to enable customers to select the Seakeeper model that best fits their boat and how they plan to use it. When two comparable Seakeeper models are available, such as the Seakeeper 2 and Seakeeper 3, the Small Boat Sizing Guide will assist users in selecting the best Seakeeper model for them based on how they use their boat.


The new and improved Seakeeper 5 is back in the Seakeeper lineup and aims to better segment the market of boats in the 40-49-foot (12-15 meters) size range. The Seakeeper 5 won’t be the same unit that existed in the past. It will implement all the improvements made to the current Seakeeper 6, leveraging the current design, weight, envelope and footprint, but offered at a lower price of $38,900 and is ideal for boats 40-45 feet (12-14 meters). Between the Seakeeper 5 and the Seakeeper 6, which is now installed on more than 35% of new boats 40-49 feet (12-15 meters), customers will get more freedom to choose what best suits their needs.

“The small boat market is so diverse, and the way people use their small boats can vary drastically,” said Seakeeper President & CEO Andrew Semprevivo. “We want to give boat owners options when it comes to stabilization so they’re able to choose a Seakeeper option that is best for them, their boat, and how they use it.” 

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