National Tell a Joke Day | Boating Edition

20 Jokes for Boaters on National Tell a Joke Day

August 16th is National Tell a Joke Day. The day is dedicated to sharing laughs and smiles all day with everyone around you, and no one does jokes and puns quite like boaters. Don’t believe us? Just browse through the boat names the next time you are at your local marina. Here are some of our favorite hilarious boating jokes that are shore to make you laugh!

20 of Our Best Boating Jokes

  1. What do you do with a sick boat? Take it to the doc.
  2. Which type of vegetable is banned on ships? Leeks.
  3. A dentist opened an office on a boat. What was the boat’s name? The Tooth Ferry.
  4. I started a successful boat building business in the attic of my house. Sails are going through the roof.
  5. What do you call two boaters who fall in love? Row-mance.
  6. Why didn’t the sailors play cards? Because the captain was standing on the deck.
  7. How do yo make luxury yacht charters look younger? Boat-Tox.
  8. one ship carrying blue paint collided with another ship carrying red paint. The crew is now missing, and believed to be marooned.
  9. Where did Captain Hook buy his hook? At a second-hand store.
  10. Why are pirates so bad at learning the alphabet? Because they always get stuck at C.
  11. Why did the sailing instructor jump into the water? She wanted to test the water.
  12. What detergent do sailors use? Tide.
  13. Where do zombies like to go sailing? The Dead Sea.
  14. What do you call a boat full of students? A scholar-ship.
  15. Have you heard about the Bluetooth iceberg? Any ship that goes near it will sync.
  16. When do you know you are getting a good deal on a boat? When there’s a sail on it.
  17. How do you make a boat feel better? Give it some vitamin sea.
  18. What do you call a boat full of buddies? A friend-ship.
  19. What happened to the Spanish guy who was on a cruise ship? He got lost at Si.
  20. Why did the admiral decide against buying a new hat? He was worried about cap sizing.

Now that you have your jokes ready for your next boating adventure, be sure to brush up on your boating etiquette, to prepare for the perfect day out on the water!

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