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Valhalla Boatwork’s innovative hull design takes these dream center consoles to the next level

Valhalla Boatworks has created a magnificent lineup of luxury center consoles. The dream V Series lineup consists of five models: The V-33, V-37, V-41, V-46, and the all-new V-55. One of the most important features of these world class models is their innovative hull design. The Viking Design & Engineering Department along with Michael Peter’s Yacht Design (MPYD) worked as partners to design the hulls. The V Series’ design characteristics consist of specific deadrise, a bottom rocker shape, and strakes and chines. These, paired with MPYD’s patented Stepped V Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT) hull bottom create a one-of-a-kind effect. The design allows Valhalla’s hulls to deliver some of the best ride quality of any center console on the market.

The Double Step

The Stepped V Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT) contains double steps that allow air to break the wetted running surface. This reduces drag while increasing both speed and efficiency. The hulls also provide a continuous trim angle throughout the speed range. The trim angle is steady and constant compared to conventional boats with a V bottom. The leading edges of the step contains vents that usher air in. This, while trailing the edges, allows for a proficient release aft.

The Ventilated Tunnel

Another aspect of the unique hull design is the centerline ventilated tunnel. This feature extends from the second step aft to the transom of the boat. The tunnel has vertical walls that lock in the stern. With a strong grip on the water, the walls provide precise handling and control. This allows for maximization of straight-line and turning stability at both cruise and high speeds.

The Most Effective Hull

The V series is a game changer in the world of center consoles. The combined features of the double steps and ventilated tunnel are a powerful duo. Valhalla prides themselves in the innovative design of the SVVT.

“The double steps and the tunnel are a one-two punch that make the SVVT the most effective stepped-hull design in the world.”

Viking Design Manager – David Wilson

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