Unveiling the 48 Campeón | For the Bold

HCB Canter Console Yachts is unveiling an all new model

HCB Center Console Yachts is rolling out a new flagship. The HCB 48 Campeón is the largest in the 40 foot range. She is also the fastest in her fleet. Innovation defines the newest HCB center console yacht. This magnificent center console yacht is equipped with cutting-edge technology, it ensures an unparalleled boating experience. The state-of-the-art digital systems and integrated entertainment features guarantee a journey as enjoyable as the destination. This center console yacht not only keeps up with but enhances your lifestyle.

Luxury at its Finest

From the sophisticated hull design to luxurious capabilities, the 48 Campeón delivers unmatched performance. It is the fastest in the fleet, and engineered for speed and grace. it cuts through waves, offering an exhilarating experience. Every inch of this yacht is a testament to custom craftsmanship, from lavish interiors to a carefully designed layout. Each element can be tailored to unique preferences, ensuring the yacht truly reflects individual style.

For the bold

The Campeón is the largest in the 40 foot category. It is a statement of daring, a vessel of innovation, a waterborne performer, a masterpiece of custom craftsmanship, and a symbol of quality.  It will be the new gold standard for the segment to chase.  Not the first for HCB, just again!

Quick Specs

HCB 48 Campeón | Center Console Yacht

Dimensions & Weight

Length: 48 ft

LOA: 47.5 ft

Beam 13.67 ft

Dry Weight 31,150 lb

Tank Capacities

Fuel Tank: 800 galloons – 1 tank

Fresh Water Tank: 80 gallons – 1 tank

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