Duffy Is A Fully Electric Boat

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Unplug, Untie, and Unwind

A fully electric boat, Duffy’s are the first and finest of their kind dating back to the early launch in the 1970s. The brand is widely recognized for its premier cruisers that are electrically powered. The Duffy Motto – unplug, untie, and unwind.

Easy Turns

Duffy Electric Boats are known to outmaneuver their electric competitors. They are carefully designed and hand laminated for durability and aesthetic. The boats contain a patented Duffy power rudder for easy maneuverability. This allows drivers to direct thrusts as they turn the wheel. The power rudder allows turns within the boats own length and easy control when in reverse. The rudder also sets Duffy aside from other electric boats by eliminating bulky center helms and creating the large open space that Duffy customers love. 

A Fully Electric Boat

Plug n’ Play Technology

Duffy boats maintain durable “Plug n’ Play” technology. It’s as easy as it sounds, and also the easiest in the market to service. Any problems with a Duffy boat are readily diagnosed and easily repaired. Duffys maintain composite seedless propellers that are warrantied for life. Not to mention, the DC motors only consist of one moving part. This technology creates an electric boat that is both simple to service and easy to operate. 

The Lifestyle

Another saying circled around these electric boats is “Duffy does 5mph better than anyone!” Duffy electric boats were created for a spending time on the water with friends and family on a relaxing slow cruise. The boats are perfect for a dinner date out on the river or even a game night with family. Duffy boats are simple to use, low maintenance, and dependable. This takes the stress off of the owners and allows for more doing what is most important. All that’s left to do is unplug, untie, and unwind. 

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